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Service is a major part of what we do. Dependable, timely delivery of products is extremely important. Ardex representatives bring the "Store" to you with everything you need to supply your detailing business or department.

Your Ardex representative will help you select the best product available from our extensive product offering. For more information about our broad range of products contact your Ardex representatives or our headquarters by phone or by completing  the form below.

Ardex Laboratories
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...Selected territories still available

Ardex utilizes a network of independent distributors and owner operators to sell and market our products. The distributor is assigned a territory where he sells, promotes, trains and services the customer with Ardex products. What works best is when the Ardex representative brings his "store" directly to the customer supplying them with all of their detailing and reconditioning products and supplies right off the truck.

Ardex provides factory training and support to our distributors. We also have regional managers who work in the field with our distributors helping them promote our products and services in their local market.  Our motto is "Share the Knowledge". By practicing this daily we can learn from each other, provide the best products, do our jobs better and be more successful.

We have exclusive territories available. If this sounds exciting and you would like to hear more about this opportunity please complete the form above.