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Ardex has been manufacturing car wax and related products for over half a century. Find out what tens of thousands of successful detailers in the U.S. and abroad have already discovered - that Ardex manufactures true excellence. Ardex is ... "the better solution"! On these pages you will find a short description of each chemical product that we manufacture. We present each item in a way that will help you understand the differences between the various products within each category. A complete line such as this has many products made for specific purposes. Products used by detailers in a dealership, a body shop, a car wash, a detail shop or an auto auction are all quite different from each other. There are even differences within each category, depending on the type of work performed. Some of the time, speed is most important, other times quality is foremost, and at other times the best compromise of speed and quality. Safety, experience and equipment also make a difference in the selection of products. Let your Ardex representative be your guide. Factory trained salespeople are an Ardex "extra" found in every product we sell!

A fine wax product protects the shine produced by the polish and polisher. Protect that shine with a fine ARDEX wax like Flint Glaze or Gold Supreme. You won't find a brighter, longer lasting wax. ARDEX also offers special waxes for new car prepping like "Rapid Wax" and "Express!" for express waxing.

4200 EXPRESS! A Liquefied Paste Wax Express is designed for really fast application. It contains real carnauba wax, amine-functional silicone polymers . Shake before use. Express wipes off in a flash and leaves a brilliant luster without streaking. Holds up for months.

4270 VIPER A Liquefied Paste Wax must be shaken before use. It goes on and off even faster than Express! For really fast new car delivery.

4287 HYDRO GLOSS   Put a shine on a car with this quick liquid brightener designed to be applied to a wet surface.

4288 SPOT DELIVERY New Car and Auction Day Prep This is for showroom cars. Just spray and wipe to remove finger marks and enhance the beautiful finish of brand new cars in the showroom. Leaves no residue, reduces dust problems, removes wax residue from polishing operations. Auction day quick shine, dry wash. Contains special optical brighteners. Smells great too!

4298 RAPID WAX Instant Spray Wax This is a milky wax and silicone emulsion which is sprayed onto a pre-polished surface and then buffed up bright either by hand or by automatic car waxing machinery. Brilliant luster. Fast.

4262 PURE GOLD Thick Liquid Wax Pure Gold is a pure wax formulation in a creamy, liquid form. Pure Gold goes on like a wax, wipes bright like a wax and lasts like a real paste wax because that’s what it is- plus Teflon.

4202 GOLD SUPREME Wax/Sealant This is a pre-softened wax/sealant combination. Gold Supreme contains amino functional silicone polymers and the finest German waxes available. It’s fast, durable and brilliant to look at. This is a very long lasting wax. Comes in one pound tubs.

4209 FLINT GLAZE WAX An original! Flint Glaze Wax is a great blue paste wax formulation. It has flint wax durability and a great shine. Also available in a giant 10 lb can to accommodate an orbital drive head with its 12 inch opening

4206 TOPAZ A Yellow Paste Wax Topaz is our really fast, really clean paste wax. No messy clean-up.

These products are used first to prepare the paint for polish or wax or both. All of our compounds should be used with high speed buffers. Orbital buffers can be used. Never use a stronger pre-cleaner than is needed. The less abrasive pre-cleaner will introduce less hazing which will require less polishing afterward. Always wash the car first to remove sandy grit. Always use a clean cutting pad. Be sure to check out the unique, Ardex, beveled edge foam pads, available in four cutting and polishing grades - black, blue green and yellow.

4203 1500 PLUS Finishing Material This product is designed to be used after wet sanding on brand new paint. It produces a bright, smooth surface by removing 1500 grade sandpaper marks.

4204 2500 PLUS Foam Pad Finishing Material This product is similar to 1500 Plus, but is dark in color and is designed to be used with a foam pad. Use 2500 Plus to create an extra high gloss finish on fresh paint.

4207 3000 PLUS  This is the top of the line finishing material on all colored cars.

4205 BODY SHOP HAND GLAZE Works like a wax. Looks like a wax, but it isn’t. Also, Body Shop Hand Glaze is easy to remove when dry.

4225 SMART CUT The Intelligent Compound Less hazing, more shine. Smart Cut falls between Cut White and Cut Red. It removes deep scratches in one pass while still leaving a very bright finish. A good compound for high volume shops.

4246 ALPHA GRIT Deep Cleaner, no haze Alpha Grit is a superior compound. Tiny gritty particles break down to produce a deep luster on fresh paint or old. Preferred by many body shops, Alpha Grit is fast, effective and clean. Removes deep scratches in one pass without hazing.

4231 HARD AT IT A Super Duty Compound Cut Red is a very aggressive liquid compound. It will remove orange peel and other blemishes from fresh paint fast.

After precleaning the surface a good polish is required to restore a bright luster to the paint. Remember, a wax only preserves the shine, the polish creates the shine. The polish you choose depends on the type of detailing you are doing. Ardex polishes are designed to be used with a high speed buffer but can be used by hand or with an orbital buffer. All are clear coat safe. Always use clean buffing or polishing pads.

4293 Hi Def. #1 A modern, effective one step designed to produce excellent results on any finish, in any condition with any kind of pad, either wool or foam. This is a modern polish/wax combination that takes advantage of the latest in polishing technology. High Def. #1 is milder than High Def #2 and will produce a clean, bright finish on all colors, even black, with a wool, or foam pad.

4294 Hi Def. # 2 A modern HD one step designed for finishes that require stronger cutting action than High Def # 1. All colors including black can still be buffed with excellent results. 

4212 SEAL-B A High Intensity Machine Brightener Seal-B is a lusterizer and swirl mark remover. It is exceptional on black and other dark colors. Seal-B is grey in color and will not show residue; very important to high volume detailers. Seal-B contains a very mild cleaner and silicone, but no wax. It won’t hold up by itself but it will accept a nice coat of wax.

4242 PEARL Hand or Machine Brightener Pearl is our newest high intensity brightener. Pearl can be used by hand or machine to produce an outstanding luster and Pearl will not stain molding. Pearl produces virtually no dusting or spatter.

4208 AMBER GLOSS Yellow liquid wax/polish Amber Gloss is for fast hand or machine waxing. Easy on, easy off and a great luster. Amber Gloss can be used as a light polish by machine, either high speed or orbital. Amber Gloss is clean, non-dusty, and holds up well. Use Amber Gloss for new car delivery or quick hand waxing of older finishes, even those that should be polished first.

4210 STEREO GLAZE #1 A Carnauba One Step Stereo Glaze #1 is a fast, pleasant to work with, one step. Preferred by many detailers when volume work is being done as well as by detailers at auto dealerships because it is easy to work with and fast. This creamy, yellow polish contains carnauba wax and silicone and has good durability. It is very shiny and contains a mild cleaner.

4211 STEREO GLAZE #2 Longest Lasting Machine Brightener This is our finest polish. Use sparingly to avoid build-up on the pad. Use after removing acid rain spots or other blemishes with a precleaner. This polish contains a high percentage of functional silicones, polymers and synthetic waxes and lasts over a year! Stereo Glaze #2 has an exceptionally deep and lustrous shine.We recommend this polish for the quality detail shop doing private work. Stereo Glaze #2 is as long lasting as any sealant on the market. On black cars, Stereo Glaze #2 with a foam pad or a clean wool polishing pad will produce a 100% swirl free finish.

4215 STEREO GLAZE #3 A Fast Acting One Step This is identical to Stereo Glaze #1 except in cleaning power. Stereo Glaze #3 is a stronger cleaner. It is used as a one step by detailers at auto auctions when time is of the essence. A very fast one step - that’s Stereo Glaze #3.

4216 DIAMOND CRYSTAL FOUR An Exceptional Polish Our fastest polish for producing exceptional gloss with great durability. This polish is exceptionally easy to work with and detailers from coast to coast have accepted Diamond Crystal Four as their favorite polish.
4217-01 ABLE #5  A paintable one-step polish for use in body shops. Cleans and shines in one operation. Able #5 produces a deep, lasting luster on fresh paint and does it without dusting or chatter.


4240 METAL MANIA  Highly fortified metal polish for Mag, Chrome, or Aluminum.  Shines and Protects.  With the least amount of scratching for the highest quality finish.

4241 PURE METAL  This product is quick and effective for removing surface rust, oxidation corrosion and tarnish from chrome, stainless steel, and other automotive metals such as brass, bronze or copper.  Produces a mirror like finish on dulled out metal surfaces.


4290 NANO SEALANT  This product is the latest in technologically advanced chemistry.  Thanks to some of the developments in the field of nano science, we've brought to you a paint sealant and protectant that is the most effective in protecting paint surfaces while enhancing the depth and shine of all painted surfaces.  This unique product has displayed remarkable side effects including restoring dulled finishes on various surfaces from glass to plastic and chrome without leaving any residue behind.  This is ideal for showroom cars.

9200 CLEAR COAT SEALANT Clear Coat Sealant is similar to Stereo Glaze #2 with the addition of PTFE. This adds to the overall effectiveness of the formulation and substantially increases the depth of shine and the durability of the polymer film.

9204 FABRIC SEALANT This is a protectant for fabric which will guard against both water and oil borne stains. Has a pleasant scent as well.

This series of products is recommended for sale to the body shop. They are all free of silicone and wax. All Ardex cleaners and degreasers are safe to use in the body shop.

4203 1500 PLUS Finishing Material This product is designed to be used after wet sanding on brand new paint. It produces a bright, smooth surface by removing 1500 grade sandpaper marks.

4204 2500 PLUS Foam Pad Finishing Material This product is similar to 1500 Plus, but is dark in color and is designed to be used with a foam pad. Use 2500 Plus to create an extra high gloss finish on fresh paint.

4205 BODY SHOP HAND GLAZE Like a liquid wax to create a deep luster on fresh paint. It looks like a wax, but it isn't.

4217 ABLE #5 A Paintable One-Step When the shop repairs a fender but needs to buff the entire car to make it look right, a high quality, body shop safe polish is required. That's Able #5

4288 SPOT DELIVERY This spray and wipe product cleans up spatter and dust quickly between buffing operations. Leaves a clean bright surface. Use to wipe down cars prior to delivery.

5222 CLAY-MORE Use Clay-More, the detailer's clay, to remove light overspray and minor imperfections in the paint. Always use Ardex Spot Delivery as a lubricant for the clay.

5204 IT'S "O.K." GREEN We recommend this as an all purpose cleaner because it is environmentally safe.

6209 SPOT REMOVER This is an excellent prepping solvent.

6212 SUPER NATURAL A Shiny Tire Dressing This is our body shop safe, non silicone tire dressing. Do not use on interior vinyl. It produces a bright shine for delivery day.

6234 HYDRESS  The highest quality body shop tire dressing available.  Most durable and great shine.

6211 VINYL DRESSING This is an excellent, body shop safe vinyl dressing for interiors.

6215 OVERSPRAY H.D. GLASS CLEANER This heavy duty glass cleaner removes light, fresh overspray when used full strength.


5200 MEGA FOAM 75 to 1 Concentrate Mega Foam is a high foaming car washing preparation. It can be metered through a proportioning device for real savings. Mega Foam dries spot free without wiping. More economical than powders!

5213 CAR WASH CONCENTRATE 100 to 1 Concentrate Ardex has one of the foamiest car wash concentrates on the market. The high foam level suspends the dirt till it is washed away. This product will not dull or streak the finish or glass nor will it remove the wax. Ardex car wash can be diluted 100-1.

5215 WASH AND WAX This is a high concentrate Wash and Wax. It leaves the surface shiny and clean without harming the wax that’s already there.

5233 REPO-WASH This is a wash and wax that really works. Dilute 60 to 1, wash the car with rich, billowy suds and then watch the water peel off like magic. Also imparts real surface protection that lasts for days.


5201 ULTRA MEGA FOAM Ultra Mega Foam is our best foamer. One drum can do over 10,000 cars.

5203 SUPER MEGA FOAM Super Mega Foam is an extremely high foamer. One drum can do 8,000 cars. 

5270 FIRST ARCH  A high pH soap and cleaner designed for the first arch of a tunnel to help break the dirt off the vehicle surface and attack the "eye-brow" off a windshield.  Best when followed with Soap So Low to return the vehicle surface to a neutral pH.

5275 SOAP SO LOW  A low pH soap with cleaner.  Best when used in combination with First Arch

5223 GET RED E  A very powerful tire cleaner.

5291,2,3 EMERALD TRIPPLE COLOR Rich Foaming colored soap Red, Yellow and Blue.  Top of the line in concentration and show.

5296,7,8 SAPPPHIRE TRIPPLE COLOR Economical foaming colored soap Red, Yellow and Blue.

5251, 2, 3 TRIPLE COLOR CAR WASH FOAMERS Ardex Triple Color Foamers are designed for automatic equipment which dispenses car wash foam in three colors: yellow, red and blue.   MOST economical.

5228 NEW WAVE A Great All Purpose Cleaner New Wave is the newest and best cleaner/degreaser from Ardex. New Wave cleans as effectively as a powerful caustic cleaner without the caustic and at very high dilutions. New Wave is a relatively mild product with a great smelling perfume. The speed and ease of cleaning and degreasing with New Wave must be seen to be appreciated. New Wave is a very effective prewash for automatic car washes.

6242 SUPER SEALER This is primarily a drying agent, but it also has anti-corrosion properties which will last for several days.

6245 SUPER FOAMING SEALER This is a super high foaming sealer. It creates rich, blue foam which coats the surface with chemical anti-corrosive properties. It also begins in the drying process as it is rinsed off.

6227 PROPER Non-Acid Wheel Cleaner and Pre-wash Proper is an excellent non-acid, non-caustic wheel cleaner. Use Proper as a pre-wash at twenty to one.
6228 FLOW RIGHT The new way to apply tire dressing. Less sling, more economy. Looks great.

6237 TUNNEL CLEANER The product can be diluted with water and it will instantly remove soap scale build-up without harming the glass.

5299 TICKLED PINK  Foaming Brush with great bubble gum scent and lots of foam.

Cleaners can be simple or complex, more or less concentrated, thick or thin, caustic or non-alkaline and all are biodegradable. They are each quite different as described below.

5204 IT'S "O.K." GREEN A Non-Caustic Citrus Cleaner A very powerful all purpose cleaner that is about as safe to use as you could get. It contains citrus solvent, has an orange odor, won’t hurt glass, aluminum, the environment or people. It is a concentrate and can be diluted 5 to 10 times with water. This is a low pH cleaner. Use also on camper vehicles to remove dirt streaks in the paint. Clean aircraft. Excellent floor cleaner. A very powerful all purpose cleaner that is safe to use.

5205 IT’S O.K. EXTRACTOR For Extractor Machines It’s O.K. Extractor is a citrus based, low foaming product for cleaning automotive interiors with extractor machines. This product is safe on machines, safe to use in the vehicle and safe for the user. It’s O.K!

5202 NEW CLEAN A Non-Caustic All Purpose This is our most popular cleaner. It will not hurt glass or aluminum because it is not a highly alkaline cleaner. It is a low pH cleaner. It can be diluted 4 to 6 times with water and it will clean vinyl tops, tires, interiors, even motors when used with pressure. Use to clean buses and to remove transit coating from new cars. Will not etch aluminum valve covers or wheels. Excellent floor cleaner. Cleans as good as a caustic cleaner without the hazards.

A Great All Purpose Cleaner New Wave is the newest and best cleaner/degreaser from Ardex. New Wave cleans as effectively as a powerful caustic cleaner without the caustic and at very high dilutions. New Wave is a relatively mild product with a great smelling perfume. The speed and ease of cleaning and degreasing with New Wave must be seen to be appreciated. New Wave is a very effective prewash for automatic car washes.

5209 #227 AUTO MARINE CLEANER A Heavy Duty Cleaner/Degreaser This is an alkaline cleaner. Care must be taken around glass and metal trim. It must be kept off skin. #227 is an all purpose cleaner and will clean tires and interiors with the speed demanded by high volume shops. It can be diluted 5 to 30 times with water. #227 is a very fast and effective cleaner - a modern high pH cleaner. Use with care.

5210 GENERAL PURPOSE SHAMPOO A High Foaming Concentrate This product is highly alkaline. Care must be used around glass and metal trim. It must be kept off skin. General Purpose Shampoo is a very high concentrate. It can be diluted 10 to 40 times with water. It creates lots and lots of foam to keep the work drier.

5212 2-B CLEAN Powerful Green Cleaner For those who are looking for a strong, concentrated, alkaline cleaner, this is it. Dilute 1-1 for motors and white wall tires. Dilute 4-1 for interiors.Wear protective gear.

5222 PURPLE RUSH  Aggressive multi-purpose cleaner.  Highly effective and very modern with some extra bite for the toughest cleaning tasks.

5222F PURPLE FLOOR CLEANER A modern, concentrate, powerful, industrial floor cleaner. This low-sudsing formula will help to dissolve and remove tough ground-in dirt from finished floors. Take a look at our complete line of floor cleaning soaps for other options.

5235 PF RUSH  Phosphate Free version of Purple Rush. 

5224RP TOP DOG RP A Superior Grease Cutter Top Dog RP is a purple, alkaline cleaner but milder than regular Top Dog C.T.A. Top Dog RP is a superior grease cutting cleaner for engine compartments.

5206 CLEAN and GREEN A Popular All Purpose Cleaner Clean and Green is a green, highly alkaline, cleaner/degreaser.

5225 TOP DOG C.T.A. A Heavy Duty Caustic Cleaner/Degreaser They don’t get any hotter than Top Dog. This product requires lots of care when using but it’s fast and highly dilutable.

5509 ALKALINE WASH Heavy duty alkaline cleaner/wash specially designed for rail car cleaning. Commercial/industrial use only. 


6225 ACID WIRE WHEEL CLEANER This product is for cleaning and brightening chrome plated wire wheels. It is buffered and is a little safer than many such products.

6226 MAG O.E.M. Mag Wheel Cleaner Mag O.E.M. is for cleaning Original Equipment Manufactured mag wheels. It will safely remove brake dust deposits. Will not attack the metal.

6227 PROPER The Non-Acid Wheel Cleaner This highly concentrated, non-acid, non-caustic wheel cleaner is the fast, new way to clean wheels without harsh acids.

6230 ATTACK An Acid Concentrate This is our Aluminum Truck Trailer Acid Kleener. Many detailers use this sort of acid cleaner on wire wheels and mag wheels. It is very fast, very powerful. Preferred by high volume operations.
(Personal protection is a must when using Attack.)

6235 BUSTER For Brake Dust This product is for removing brake dust from Mercedes, Volvo, BMW and VW wheels, only. This very impressive product works instantly.


6208 IT’S “O.K.” SOLVENT Citrus Solvent Concentrate This is a citrus solvent for those companies that won’t permit any petroleum solvents in the work place. Can be diluted with water and used as a cleaner or as a deodorizing mist.

6209 SPOT REMOVER Fast Drying Solvent This is a very fast drying solvent cleaner for grease spots on the paint or on fabric. It is a body prep for removing tar, glue, undercoating, etc.

6214 SUPER FAST SOLVENT Quarts only This is the same product as Spot Remover and is for the mechanic.

6210 TAR REMOVER This is a more economical solvent for removing road tar prior to used car reconditioning. Dries slow for more working time. 8220 LACQUER THINNER Ardex lacquer thinner is a quick and economical wash solvent.

5221 FALL OUT REMOVER This is for removing metal particles (rail dust) or flyash from the paint surface.

A200-01 & A200-02 CLAYMORE It’s Dynamite! This is a detailer’s clay for instantly removing light overspray and rail dust specks. Use with Spot Delivery. Available in Fine Grade, Blue Label & Medium Grade,Red Label

4289 SLIDER A Lubricant for Clay Slider is a fast, economical lubricant for use with clay. Available in fives only.

6232 SAP Instant acting tree sap remover.Works very fast. 6233 BYE BYE LOVE...BUG This love bug remover is safe, fast and effective.

7215 BUG BARRIER This clear, protective coating stops insects and other contaminates from sticking to treated surfaces such as hoods and grills.


5214 ENGINE DEGREASER/DECOSMOLINE This is a petroleum based engine degreaser. It quickly emulsifies grease or waxy cosmoline and forms a milky solution with water. Not environmentally acceptable in some parts of the country.

5216 IT’S "O.K." DEGREASER Biodegradable This is our replacement for a solvent based degreaser/decosmoline. It contains enough citrus solvent to lift the grease or the waxy type cosmoline found on many foreign cars.

5207 IT’S "O.K." POLY FLOOR CLEANER This is the right product to use in automatic scrubbers for "poly" floors.

5224 FLOOR CLEANER Use Ardex Floor Cleaner for all hard surface (cement) floors


6224 SPEEDY BRIGHTENER “The Best There Is” This is our premier dressing for tires and interiors and we believe it is better than any other product on the market. It is a solvent based, silicone and polymer mixture with special leveling agents to create just the right appearance. It lasts longer as well.

6244 SPEEDY BRIGHTENER II Speedy Brightener II is an even faster alternative to Speedy Brightener. It is recommended for high volume operations.

6220 DULL AWAY Dull Away is a milky silicone emulsion dressing. It contains more silicone than other brands of this type.

6223 OUTRAGEOUS A Thick Dressing Outrageous is just that. A thick, concentrated, milky dressing for tires and interiors. Dilute with water.

6228 FLOW RIGHT A Sling Resistant Dressing A creamy white dressing used with our special Tire Application Devise. Less sling means a cleaner application.

6239 NEW CONCEPT  It's namesake says it all.  This is a water-based tire dressing solution that once applied is water resistant.  A new concept in water-based tire dressing.  Most other water-based dressings are susceptible to re-emulsification with rain water or other water sources causing the tire to look dull and undressed.  Ardex has formulated this unique solution to over come that aspect.  Compare side by side with other water-based tire dressings and you will see for yourself.

6219 ULT DRESS  The concentrated version of New Concept.  Can be used straight or diluted with water.

6219R ULT DRESS RTU  An economy ready to use version of ULT DRESS. 

6211 VINYL DRESSING This was the first vinyl top dressing sold in the U.S. Ardex introduced this product in 1958. It is a permanent dressing made with tough acrylic resins. It lasts over a year.

6222 BUMPER BLACK Bumper Black is a thick, luxurious silicone solution designed to enhance the appearance of faded rubber bumpers. Quarts only.

6221 LEATHER PERFECT Leather Perfect is a rich, creamy emulsion of gentle conditioners and cleaners which will safely restore fine leather and then protect it. Also contains UV protection.

6234 HYDRESS  A Shiny Tire Dressing with remarkable durability for a body shop safe silicone free tire dressing.

6212 SUPER NATURAL A Shiny Tire Dressing This is our body shop safe, non silicone tire dressing. Do not use on interior vinyl. It produces a bright shine for delivery day.

6249 DRESS-ABLE A Body Shop Dressing Dress-Able is our newest and best dressing for use in the body shop environment. It contains no silicone or wax. Dress-Able is fast, won’t wash off in weather and leaves a beautiful satin finish on tires.


6215 OVERSPRAY H.D. GLASS CLEANER This is a heavy duty glass cleaner that quickly removes crayon marks and light overspray. It can be diluted with 2 to 10 parts water. Best for new car dealers and auctions.

6216 DAZZLEMINT  A streak free glass cleaner at a good price.  Pleasant minty scent.

6218 ABSOLUT-LY Streak Free This is a ready to use glass cleaner that is absolutely streak free.You have to see this to believe it.

6217 T-STRIPPER T-Stripper is the instant way to remove the residual glue after removing window tinting.


8212 CHERRY GRITS is citrus solvent and pumice waterless hand cleaner.  It is the most effective product for removing fresh paint and stubborn grease without drying the skin.

8213 GRITS Grits is citrus solvent and pumice waterless hand cleaner. It is the most effective product for removing fresh paint and stubborn grease without drying the skin.


6250 LE PARFUME’ des Auto Mobile’ These are our perfumed deodorants. They are available in the following fragrances: Sweet Leather, New Car, Baby Powder, Strawberry, Lemon Lime, Cherry Vanilla, Orange Blossom, and Spearmint.

These products are odor eliminators. They don’t just cover up. They get to the heart of the odor and destroy it. They leave behind a pleasant scent of citrus or green apple. Smoke Out works to cover the smell of stale cigar and cigarette smoke. Fresh Air is the newest addition and its wonderful fragrance makes this one the most desirable with the rental car fleets.

Aromatherapy  The following scents are similar to the mal-odors.  They are more than just pleasant and relaxing scents, they destroy odors left behind. 

6280 Mountain Spring

6282 Hawaiian Breeze

6283 Melon Burst

6284 Cool Water

6295 Enzyme Digester  This product is an aggressive product designed to digest organic debris that decays and leaves a bad scent in the car.

AAV-01 Auto Hygienist   A safe, effective, broad-spectrum solution for odor elimination inside automobiles.


7210 UNDERHOOD BLACK Underhood Black is a lacquer coating for radiators and fender wells. Used with a lacquer spray gun.

7211 UNDERHOOD CLEAR Underhood Clear is a lacquer coating for detailing the engine compartment.

7220 GEL COAT Gel Coat is a premium grade, thixotropic, sound deadener, undercoating for new cars.



6201 DETAILS COATING This is a silicone spray formulated especially for vinyl interiors, dash panels and air conditioning vents. It quickly brightens dry, dull areas without feeling greasy.


These professional glass cleaners are formulated to get the job done quickly and without smearing or streaking. They can be used for light cleaning and are pleasantly scented.   6202 contains ammonia while 6203 does not.

6204  A-FOAM Strong foaming carpet cleaner

6205  CITRUS BELT CLEANER  Effective belt cleaning solution in convenient aerosol container.

6206  A-SPOT  Strong stream of cleaning solution to remove spots and stains from carpet surfaces.

36000 VINYL, PLASTIC AND CARPET DYES Ardex is proud to introduce its complete line of nearly thirty aerosol spray dyes. These dyes are the equivalent of the best products on the market and they also come with a special multi-directional fan type spray nozzle.